[Established]redstone farm establishment reqeust

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  1. i would like to establish a redstone farm on smp8 i need to know were i can build if i can
  2. 1) Use smp8.emc.gs.
    2) travel to one of the black areas
    3) Establish an outpost by making sure you are more than 2,000 blocks from another person
    4) Put a lock chest at the area you would like to claim, and update this post
    5) a mod should check this post out and make sure that the location is valid, and then you will own the establishment.
  3. I'm not sure what a redstone farm is but if this truly is a farm you should hit up khixan and try to get it involved with the public utilities.

    If it's an outpost and not a farm then follow ChamelonNYC's suggestion
  4. Which farm xD
  5. if its a redstone powered farm for getting stuff automatically then u should build one on your residence. much safer b/c no one can grief it.
  6. let see here let me tell you why i am not doing it with sushidrop i have a creation there and i had permission and i was building another one with permission and then i got yelled at by seffy so no i am not doing sushidrop for this
  7. Have you tried talking to Seffy about this first? Because it could have been a misunderstanding, and just because Seffy is a moderator does not mean he can't make mistakes or fall victim to misunderstandings.

    As a prominent member of GRIP (we try to help people who get griefed) I can say that Sushi drop has had its shares of griefings. So it's only natural that some players are a little on their toes there.

    Seriously; I'd start a PM (conversation / private message) with Seffy and the player who gave you permission to build on Sushi drop and explain the situation to them. Don't let one small bad experience ruin your fun there, please give 'm the benefit of the doubt.
  8. i was told by khix it would be best for me to make my own outpost
  9. i would like to found at [established]
  10. Established .
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  11. You should ask a moderator to remove the coordinates above for the safety of your outpost. Just a suggestion.
  12. seffy is a girl i think...
  13. the owners of this outpost are:
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  14. oh you are too sweet!!! This outpost is yours, not mine :) I hope you have a great time with it and much success :D
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