[Established] Original Millionaires Club

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  1. Well, ducky007 and I have set up an outpost on smp1.

    Name: Original Millionaires Club
    Server: smp1
    Leaders: mehtryx, ducky007

    you can use any of theist locked cheats on smp1 to find location. I think when you see the coordinates you'll get the idea behind the name ;). it's a little far out and there is no one for hundreds of thousands of blocks.

    will get sucky to reply to this shortly to confirm her role in leadership. thanks!
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  2. I approve :)
  3. wow just realized the horrible typos...serves me right for typing on my phone :)

    "you can use any of theist locked cheats on smp1 to find location" Was suppose to be:
    you can use any of the latest locked chests on smp1 to find the location

    Also it was suppose to be: Will get ducky to reply.....she missed me calling her sucky ;)

    You can also pm if needed :)

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  4. Tell me if you want this thread locked. Enjoy.
  5. thanks Baradar, no we will keep it unlocked. Ty