[Established] Oakened Star

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  1. Last update: 10/17/15

    General Info
    Server: smp8
    Founder: tuqueque
    Main Biome: Snow
    Note: By joining you are accepting to all rules bellow:
    Mission: Create a feeling of belonging to the outpost and expand in all ways
    Vision: To create a strong community that will support each other.

    General Outpost Rules
    Note: By joining you are accepting to all rules bellow:
    1. Respect the creations of others
    All builds, chests, animals and other items belong to their owners.

    2. Build with permission
    Ask a Staff from the outpost to see where you can built

    • This includes redstone creations(any type)
    • Animals farms(and pets)
    • Use of entities on private build(like house)
      • armor stands
      • item displays/holders(not only item frames)
    3. Protect the environment
    Do not mine/gather resources, except on designated areas

    4. Keep it safe
    light everything, and kill every mob(and don't let creepers explode)

    5. Make use of farms and resources in best interest
    These are not for personal gain or stocking of shops. Community storage only works if we stock it and use it properly.

    6. Zero tolerance for griefing and other EMC rule violations
    If a structure got severely damaged, the Founders have to be informed immediately.

    7. Build Responsable
    Don't built something that may damage(visually or physically) or corrupt a game mechanic(Example: nether portals)
    8. Do not use Outpost's Resources for your personal gain
    • This includes, but is not limited to: farms, automatic-machines & The Community Storage(s)
    • You may NOT STEAL or use this resources for your personal gain
    • You BORROW materials from Community Storage for builds inside outpost(remember, ask permission to build and location first!!!)
    • Always try to giveback to the Oakened Star Community if you take something
    • You may NOT use the Community Storage's materials to get profit by any media or method.
    9. What if...
    1. If you Break in ANY way this rules you'll be asked to repair the damages(by rupees or materials, the quantity is determined by the owner of outpost).
    2. After step 1. you'll be asked to leave. you may appeal the ban to the Outpost after 1 month of you committing the vandalism. This will be reviewed by all(or partially all) the active staff members of the outpost. If denied you may not appeal again
    3. Also, a staff member(from EMC) will get involved.
    rules are based on another's rules outpost, if you were wondering these were familiar
    **Rules are subject to change
    If the rules change and you disagree with them, you'll be asked to leave the outpost, maintaining the outpost's privacy(This includes but is not limited to: its location).

    Residential Rules
    Note: By joining you are accepting to all rules bellow:
    this includes giving the owner the perm to dismantle your residence under derelict circumstances
    1. Entities:
    • Armor stands: <3
    • Animals/Pets: <2 (no chickens)
    • Paintings: <5
    • Item Holders/item frames: <15
    • Minecart(any type): <5
    2. Tile Entities:this are chest, furnaces, pistons, crops, etc

    • Double chest(includes trapped chest): <50
    • furnaces: <20
    • Crops: no crops(sugarcane, cactus allowed
    • Pistons: no pistons unless approved by outpost owner
    • Signs: <60
    • Heads: <6
    3. Redstone
    • No redstone machines/contraptions: at all, unless approved by owner
    • You are allowed to have trapped chest with no contraption connected to it
    4. Revision:
    • Your residence will be checked with or without notification by owner. This revision is to check that you don't have redstone mechanism, unless approved.
    5. Lighting
    • Keep the Area Monster free
    6. Derelict
    • With notification
      • after 1 month of the expected arrival, your "residence" will be dismantled
      • the gathered stuff will be stored in a town res
    • Without notification
      • if you become derelict in EMC without notification, your residence will be dismantled
      • the items gathered will be stored in the outpost in a locked chest with your name and the outpost's owner name
      • after 2 months of your dereliction, the outpost storage will become the owner of your items with no protection
    • Notifications must be delivered to the Outpost Owner, or the next one in charge(if owner is inactive at that moment)
    **Rules are subject to change

    If the rules change and you disagree with them, you'll be asked to leave the outpost, maintaining the outpost's privacy(This includes but is not limited to: its location).


  2. Founding Members(staff):
    1. tuqueque-link
    2. ELLIE_JOHNSON(inactive)-link
    3. Gremmil(inactive)-link
    1. iRupees(quit EMC)-link
    2. Sgt_Pepper4(inactive)-link
    3. Shyguythegamer-(kinda forgot us)
    4. Nickg-(donno his status on this
    5. TheOMGlover- link-link
    we will accept applications/entry in the near future when we grow and have progress in the outpost, but for right now, no applications unless invited
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  3. Pictures
  4. Congratulations, your outpost has been established.
    Would you like this thread to remain open or to be closed?
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  5. Well, this thread is very old, but I and Gremmil have been working on this lately so I updated this thread. There are some pictures above of what is in the outpost, later ill add more.
  6. I just created a better name for the outpost. now only staff need to update the title
  7. Hey Tuqueque, can I join ur Outpost? I would like to share my immense wealth of twelve diamonds :D
  8. Update! I have started/designated a residential area, Plots will probably be 16x20
    Sorry, not right now, but in the future you are welcomed =)
    before we grow big i want to put a template for the outpost...
  9. Plz?
  10. Hey Tuqueque,

    Just got aware of this outpost. Congrats for the establish.

    If you want take a look at the slide show here:
    That's how Carthaga grew.

    Btw, on which smp are you? (PM me if not for the public ;) )

    Let me know if PoC can help with your endeavour.


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  11. Hi Kaizimir, thanks for the slides!
    Is on 8
    Not right now , we are ok, but thanks for offering your help! (Im away from home, so its hard to reply in a complete fashion)
  12. Update! I have terraformed the area for 812 residences(plots) 16x20, gonna work more tomorrow
  13. Update! I basically overhauled the rules and and added a whole new section for the residential area!
    Also i've being pretty-fying the area and infrastructure, gonna add some pictures later!
  14. (Bad at fighting creepers)
    (Can't join then)
  15. use a bow ;)

    update coming soon! guess not that soon...
  16. im back with this! Welcoming our new member! Theomglover!
    in other news im renovating our nether rail to look much better
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