[Established] Nub Plateau

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by We3_MPO, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Hello. I have placed a locked chest with the following names on it at the center:


    This is on smp6.

  2. What a beautiful name
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  3. I come in peace. I found the packed Ice tunnel in the nether as it was 50 blocks from my cobblestone tunnel going to my base. I saw a chest with boats. I took one boat and placed a skeleton head as it was the most valuable item I had in return. I'm just looking around. I just want to make sure there are no hard feeling for a missing boat.
  4. It's ok. Also, yes I understand some people have tunnels nearby. I tried to avoid others' tunnels, but I still had to go near them sometimes. If you want to talk about it some more, you can PM me.