[Established] MooShroom Isle Resort

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  1. MooShroom Isle Resort, is a part of MooShroom Isle.
    Located on: Smp1

    Currently the only way to travel to it is by boat for a few thousand blocks from the outpost, but sometime in the near future we will have a faster way of travel

    Not far from the small island that will be used as a lodge, is a Majestic Sea Temple yet to be explored.
    Hopefully with a few hand we will be able to make a guardian farm for members to use :)

    StoneSky - Giving insight on the elder guardian message

    Sweetie_Pea - Giving insight on the elder guardian message

    Roarings - Giving insight on elder guardian message

    ThatSillyJohnKid - Helping pinpoint the location, and being a chauffeur XD

    Thank you all for your help!

  2. A shark went swimming past but couldnt find a locked chest. Is it under a different name? In any case, send me the coords pls.
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  3. Don't forget you can now apply to be a member! I won't review them until after the party though :)