[Established] Knowhere

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  1. Welcome to Knowhere, not quite as much of a gold mine as a severed celestial head, but its not bad as a starter.

    Don't know exactly what else I need to post to get this thing official o.0

    Edit: I'm a moron - chest locked by DiamondSurgeon who is leader/owner
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  2. +1 on the name

    "Where are we?"
    "We are in the middle of Knowhere"
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  3. Exact the same name as in the movie: defenders of the galaxy (something like that :p)
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  4. oh... thats just sad.... Guardians of the galaxy....
  5. O.0 ... Sorry :p
    But I am groot, so that explains why?
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  6. *For staff: DiamondSurgeon is leader/owner

    Established :)
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