[Established] Knight's Guild Oupost

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  1. Thy name of thee outpost is Knight's Guild Outpost.
    On thy server of SMP9.
    This outpost is ruled by thy great lord Benthebobjr, Sir_Cadogan13 and ants4235

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  2. The player Fr33Kick has been kicked from the Guild under the charges of recklessness around supplies.
  3. The player Fr33Kick has been kicked and banned from the Knight's Guild and all bases and outposts belonging to it. The charges are: recklessness around supplies, cause of damage to base and npc's of the base, refusing orders, and general rudeness and inconsideration. He has 4 days, starting 7/4/2016, ending 7/8/2016, to leave the 3,000 block territory of the Knight's Guild outpost. By confirmation of HxCami10, all breaking and placement of blocks and removalof items will be considered stealing and griefing.