[Established] Kingdom of Saturnia

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  1. Please set up an outpost for us east of the eastern outpost with the locked chest in the centre of an island I built. We'd like to claim whatever land is available to us in that location to build our civilization.

    Please let me know what we type to spawn there so we can begin to move our things.

    Thank you!

    Angela (Jorwyn) Daymo12 and Carter
  2. Like vanilla minecraft, you have to sleep in a bed there to set where you go when you die. There's really no "command" to spawn there.
  3. Literal land claiming isn't implemented yet but the point of these threads are to record the owners and details of your outpost and to avoid being too close to anyone else's property. As of now the most efficient way to get from town to outpost is 3x3 nether tunnels and horses. Although most use rails since they can AFK and ride them.
  4. Technically the fastest way is ice tunnels w/ boats, at about 3x the speed. Expensive and not AFK, though.
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  5. Then again its the nether....
    Lets hope the ice doesnt melt :p
  6. Packed ice!
  7. I'll stop hijacking the thread now.
  8. There are other outposts other than the centre and four corners...I thought we get our own outpost/spawn point. Is that not true? What's the purpose of claiming land when there's rarely more than four people in smp1 frontier?

    If this is the case then I definitely don't want to travel for an hour and a half to get to town each time.

    Any info on this?


  9. I have a place out in smp1, but i like the travel of just over an hour to get to my place. It means no one else will come around by accident. OK, I guess that does not work so good for a town/city, but I plan on going out even farther since I have seen activity not to far from me.
  10. It doesn't work that way.
  11. This could be part of the Empires update planned for the future. No real details until we get much closer.

    At present it is a way to be able to control who builds in your area. Many people go out much farther than you have although plenty want to be closer because of the time it takes to travel.

    Nether rail is the best way to go out a fair distance, travelling 1 block in the nether = 8 blocks in the overworld. Therefore, my 12k double-nether rail (with a couple of corners) gets me out to about 75000 from the centre outpost. That trip by minecart takes around 25 minutes. Some ppl have gone out much further and have 1 hr+ rides. (watch a show while travelling!).

    Before we get to Empires and hopefully in the very near future, Anti-Griefing will be introduced. Along with that we will have many new EMC Outposts (these are the ones you can tp from now). Vast new lands will become available for people to explore and claim.

    In any case, I am now looking at your current claim.
  12. Established, please let me know if you want this thread locked.
  13. Hi again....one quick question :

    I noticed that there are large blocks of black unexplored area in our outpost area. After exploring all over the place I'd hoped to be able to see everything so I could start laying out a plan but the big black areas are staying black on the map even after exploring a few times.

    Any idea how to fix this?

  14. They should start appearing but can take a few hours. Another thing is to zoom in and see if its changing, the different zoom levels can update separately.

    Best thing, I always break or place a block as I'm going, this should force an update so if after a day you have no luck, try this method. This was a temporary measure (due to server lag on waste resets) and I've asked the powers that be to add it to the live map wiki page or see if we still need it.