[Established] Kingdom of Fallon Dale - SMP5 Outpost

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  1. Fallon Dale

    est. 2013 | SMP5

    The kingdom of Fallon Dale, established by Kilmannan and Margaritte back in 2013, is an outpost on SMP5. We're about 33mins out by netherrail (125k+ blocks across land). We offer a pittoresque medieval styled outpost far away from the bustling town. You can use it as second home or base for further exploration of EMC's vast frontier. Fallon Dale has since been updated with new buildings, new walls and bigger public farms for member usage.

    Screenshot album:

    Our current facilities include:
    Central Keep
    Royal Palace
    Central Station

    Nether Dungeon
    Secure perimeter wall
    Main Plaza
    Market Square
    Farms (wood/food/wool)


    and much more (currently) under construction!

    Every member will recieve a Certificate of Membership which we will provide you, the lucky owner, with. The CoM will grant you membership of the Fallon Dale outpost and a house in town or a room to claim in the tavern. We have a variety of houses on offer, operating on a first come, first served basis. However, please note the houses are still under construction!

    The Village of Fallon Dale is overseen by a team of various members and founding fathers. Our current members & ranks are:

    -Eclipsys - Chief
    -Demeer - NFF (New Founding Father)
    -Ahksel - NFF
    -nick92461 - NFF
    -SpineshankKira - NFF
    -Weeh - Leader of Fallon Coast
    -crystaldragon13 - inhabitant & co-builder of Fallon Coast
    -MitchD2000 - inhabitant
    -padde37 - Leader of Fallon Railroads (rail upkeep and rail tunnels)
    -builder_robert - inhabitant
    -Eviltoade - inhabitant

    The Certificate of Membership will be:
    - in the form of a signed book
    - non-transferable!
    - one per person: claim for one room/house

    With a Certificate of Membership:
    • You can only build on your property or make minor adjustments. For any alterations or extensions above ground, please ask first.
    • The houses are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Houses are registered via a locked chest within and a sign outside above or to the side of the door with your name on it
    • All building work within the walls of Fallon Dale must be limited to the repair of existing structures or your own property. No new builds may be created without consultation.
    • Only persons in possession of a valid Certificate of Membership may reside in Fallon Dale
    • Members are requested to participate in Fallon Dale projects as organised by our inhabitants. This is to improve the community bonds and speed up expansion/upgrades!
    • We ask you to not place locked chests in town other than within your registered property
    • The location of the village must not be given out at random. Those suitable for membership in Fallon Dale will be made aware of its location, or invited to this thread. We aim to keep those with malicious intent away from our village
    If you feel that you'd be at home in Fallon Dale, then Pre-Order now by registering your interest in this thread with the following information in the following format:

    • Name:
    • Time on Empire in days:
    • Residence numbers on the Empire:
    • Why you would be an asset to the village:
    • Skill:
    Please notice: Everyone that applies for Fallon Dale citizenship must have 365 or more days on EMC! This is to keep malicious people out and make sure that you are a dedicated EMC player!

    Those that are accepted will be notified and their certificate of membership will be sent to them via in-game mail, along with travel details and location of the village.

    Travel to Fallon Dale will be DANGEROUS

    ACROSS LAND: You will have to cover over well over 100,000 blocks overland or the relative number via the Nether. Please realise that this means visits back to Town will be few and far between and you should ensure that you do not have a Residence on SMP5 if you want to have full enjoyment of Fallon Dale.

    THROUGH THE NETHER: We have a nether rail system, which will take you 33minutes from the starting point.

    This thread will be added to as more information becomes available
    • Name: Haerhitman (going to use my alt KimoZen)
    • Time on Empire in days: 2154
    • Residence numbers on the Empire: 11015, 11014, 10891, 10890
    • Why you would be an asset to the village: Because i'm Hitman :p
    • Skill: Builder, Redstone
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  2. Welcome aboard! The certificates are still being printed, so you'll get those later :p I'll add you to the group!
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  3. New facilities under construction:
    - Metro station
    - Bank upgrade
    - Automated farms
    - First batch of houses (underway in SP, then to MP)

    Join today :D!
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  4. Henceforth we are [Established] or well, re-[Established]! :D
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  5. Interestwd as this sounds like something up my alley...
    ... anything near waterfront..?

    [*]Name: Raaynn (would like to use alt Emc_centurion)
    [*]Time on Empire in days: 670
    [*]Residence numbers on the Empire: 5001, 12010, 12011, 12022, 12039, 12040, 12041, 12042, 12073, 12074, 12075, 12076
    [*]Why you would be an asset to the village: illustrious bard, crazy wizard
    [*]Skill: built a rowboat or two. Love historic/ medieval constructs.
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  6. Welcome aboard kind sir!
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  7. I was getting ready to apply and then I saw that I needed to be here at least a year already and now I'm sad. I've only been here a few weeks. BUT this looks awesome and I am keeping this watched so I can come back when I've been around long enough!!