[Established] Hidden Base for Lucky Pirates

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  1. Since it is a secret I cannot tell coords, but I do have a picture, and the only hint is that it is in unexplored areas, and far from spawn and any obstructions. This base is for Luckygreenbird's Lucky Pirates war against the Foxy Pirates. Anyway here is the picture, and the base will be only available to the Lucky Pirates.
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    There, proof that it is there, if you want coords then PM me (ONLY STAFF CAN PM ME FOR COORDS) and I will give them to you.
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  2. Which SMP is it on?
  3. Established!

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  4. back in the day i made 4 outposts on smp8 for luckys crew one 1k in each derection from spawn dont know if i could find them again
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.