[Established] Forsaken Island

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  1. The requirements for a claim:
    1.) 5,000 blocks from spawn, our base is quite a ways farther.
    2.) No other groups within 3,000 blocks, the closest base I have seen on livemap and I sailed out to was 6,000 blocks.
    3.) Thread must be created to be established, typing it so now.
    4.) The chest was placed today, because I ripped it out earlier to move to where I am starting my own house, but this all started in September 6th, 2014.
    The server is: SMP5

    The current members are: Pab10S, Tzgiles, Standsinlava, JMB6362, Deathconn, Elysphic, Karatekick2001, Michael_Nolan, SkyDragonv8, The_creeper_lord, GMW_I, Crabcakes200m, Theminikins, Kev20022, and me (tedrocker).

    If any other information such as cordinates are needed, please private message Pab10S, tzgiles, JMB6362, and me all in one conversation please!
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  2. Congrats. Your outpost is now established. Do you want this thread left open or closed?
  3. Oh awesome ted! No more burning horses now! Haha (outpost joke lel). Thank you Mr.socks
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  4. You can leave it open if you feel, or can delete it so it doesn't take space in the section. Really up to you :)
  5. Thakloned is now the official owner of this establishment.
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  6. New owner, interesting :p
  7. If you have any questions I would direct them to either Thakloned or CyborgTed :D
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  8. It's totally not my business but knowing Kloned a bit I'd like to congratulate both players on this change. I have a good guess what is going on and I think it's a good thing to move a project to an active player so that it can live on.

    So yeah: Congratulations to both of you guys, and good luck to ThaKloned!
  9. No Ted's were injured in the hostile taking over of this establishment.. Can't wait to visit! :D
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  10. Sorry for the bump, but the portal to the nether was kind of greifed in the over world and I don't really know any other way back there besides the path in the nether... Could someone PM me the coordinates to where the nether portal is in the nether?? Thanks...