[Established] Eternia

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by LinaYue, May 3, 2016.

  1. Residents: EatingRamen, LinaYue, GraniteSteel, Alyara
    Server: SMP6
    Base Name: Eternia
    Coordinates: [REMOVED BY STAFF]
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  2. Have you got a locked chest there? If so state what names are on it. Its advised not to list co-ordinates because not everyone will leave you in peace
  3. I went ahead and removed the coordinates from the post to ensure players with rule-breaking intentions don't target your base.

    I will be reviewing your request tomorrow when I'm not having to worry about falling asleep at the keyboard. If you dont hear anything from me by 11pm EMC time on may 3 please send me a PM to follow up.
  4. This rare species of pineapple needs beauty sleep for the almighty leaf of thy pineapple
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  5. Okay, I have a chest with a few of our names but I do not know how to add a 3rd name (EatingRamen) should I just post it next to the original locked chest?
    I added an extra sign to the side of the Locked sign hoping it would count
    Please I would like to know how to add more than three people but no rush
    No problem! Take you time :D Thank you so much ^^
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  6. What you did was fine. All we asked is for a locked chest with owner names on them. Since we're capped at 3 for lock signs it makes it difficult with 4+ owners.

    Your establishment request has been approved at this time. Would you like this thread left open or closed?
  7. Oh! four owners, i thought all members were suppose to be on the sign the Owners are Me, LinaYue and GraniteSteel
  8. There was a second sign with a fourth name so I assumed it was an owner as well. No worries though. :)
  9. >:O my name! It's all good though :) you're totally free to use it :p
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  10. all of you should /map hide...
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