[ESTABLISHED] devon's mesa new establishment request

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by devonpray, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. Frontier establish request
    I would like to claim this parcel of land and name it devon's mesa on smp6 in the wilderness Frontier
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  2. Please do not report your post in order to get it established faster. Senior Staff will get around to verifying and establishing when they get a chance.
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  3. I'll have these things known:
    1. What the moderator asks (second post) is what goes. Please respect their decisions.
    2. I'm cleaning the thread because nothing here is relevant to the outpost.
    3. Hurk, you are being rude to people here, please stop.
    4. Diamond members are not at all "elite". They are regular players like everyone else who have simply chosen to support the Empire.
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  4. I'm talking with Krissy about this now they had no bisness sticking there two cents in were it was not wanted or needed
  5. Please understand it is not acceptable to call people "noobs" and put yourself above them because of your supportership. Also, their input on the method of getting a base established was perfectly warranted in this thread, and it is a shame it had to derail before I came in to clean it.
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  6. Any way I can see some pictures, I bet your base looks superb!
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  7. I should probably be able to establish this... but one quick question for devonpray: Can you list the current members of the base either here or in a PM with me? Thanks :)
  8. Member list received, location confirmed. This base is now established. Would you like the thread open or closed?
  9. closed sounds good ty very much Luckygreenbird
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