[Established] Coral Dome Outpost

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  1. The new Coral Dome Outpost ice boat tunnel is now functionally up and running. What used to take 30 min via frost walker boots at full sprint, now takes under a minute. :D

    Things left to finish are:
    Some iron bars on the walls
    An access door (to exit the tunnel and be able to explore)
    Note: Finished

  2. It looks great! I hope to join soon.
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  3. Thank you!:D
  4. Where can I find this outpost? I would like to stop by and visit it sometime. :)
  5. Utopia Frontier SE. I can send you the exact information in a PM.
  6. Hello,

    I would like to join!

    Why do you want to join the outpost?

    I am brand new to minecraft in general (bought the game last week). I bought it because of watching a ton of youtube videos with people collaborating on building amazing things. I really would like to do that, playing by yourself is kinda boring.

    How will you contribute to the outpost?

    I will do what ever is needed. Google is your friend for ideas and help if I get stuck.

    Have you ever been banned?


    I would love to work with you! Just let me know.
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  7. Thank you for your application! I've sent you a PM.
  8. My most favorite part of the outpost is up and running! The Enchantment Room/Library.

  9. Coral Dome Outpost is still looking for those who would like to join.

    An update on building. The crop farms are under construction.