escaping world x?

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  1. I haven't been on in about a year, and when I just signed in I seem to be in world "x" according to the live map.

    How do I escape? /home and /town don't work from the wilderness. I tried hiking 4km back to coordinates 0,0 and all I found was what looks like a clone of the southeast quadrant of the server's town world, but there was still no portal and no teleport commands.

    I searched the forum and wiki but all I can find are references to the normal frontier and wilderness worlds, and an "event" world (but /event didn't do anything for me either).

    So what is world "x" and how do I get out of it?

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  2. Can you post a screenshot? I am pretty sure world x shouldn't exist. You may need a staff member to teleport you out of there although that place does sound kind of cool.
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  3. Try /tutorial then /town

    And yeah, world "x" shouldnt exist for normal players xD
  4. I suggest that you PM Aikar. He will be able to get you out. And maybe we could get him here to tell us what world X is. Could you post a screenshot? :p

    Do you know what SMP you are on?
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  5. nope, aikar said he fixed something, then looks like he didnt. That was a secret world used to restore something. Deleted now =P
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  6. I logged back in to peek around at the secret world, but it looks like some admin already rescued me. Thanks!
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