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  1. Hi all,

    I just joined this server tonight, as I'm looking for town servers where you can basically live a bit like a second life.. So far it seems a lot simpler than some other servers! (As far as having a residence goes!)
    I'm not new to minecraft in general, but I did play only on the xbox before, and only recently started playing the pc version, so of course I am new to some things.. ha.

    Well, I hope I make friends in my new town.. ;)
  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)
    What smp did you land on?
    If you're a crazy person, I suggest smp8. If you're anything else: any other smp
  3. Welcome
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  4. Ey there neighbor! :)

    Well, not really a neighbor but you're on my home server :)

    You know what the fun part here is? It does. But when you learn more you'll soon notice that there's a lot of stuff under the hood so to speak which can make things as complex and customized or as simple and plain as you'd like to. Just like with Minecraft itself: don't let the simple look fool you :)

    Anyway, be sure to ask for help if you need it. smp2 is good for that 8)

    And of course I hope you're going to have a great time here.
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  5. Oh, yeah, the seemingly simple aspect attracts me to it! Other servers had me scrabbling around trying to find help on how to build a home! :> And, howdy! ;)
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  6. Woo! Welcome to the Empire. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. I'm glad you landed on SMP2, as they're not nearly as crazy as us, SMP8. (Take that as you wish. =P)

    In the words of a wild Defne:
    "If you're a crazy person, I suggest smp8. If you're anything else: any other smp"

    Enjoy your time here!
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  7. What is your home server I would like to meet you
  8. Welcome to the Empire Erwen. Enjoy your stay.:)
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  9. Welcome to the Empire!
    The Empire isn't a second life though, it is a first life..
    If you're looking for a second life, this is the place to be :)
    Enjoy your stay!
    Remember, SMP4 rockz :p
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  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  11. I'm on SMP8. I landed on SMP2 first, but I'm a crazy person... ;) Come visit! :>
  12. I always said that smp8 was superior.
  13. As long as you can say why..! ;)