Error: Failed to login: The authentication are currentyl down fo maintenance.

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  1. I got this error trying to connect to EMC. I got this on all ten servers. What does this mean? ErrorMSGpng.png
    Note, I blurred out the bottom, because it had some stuff that I would prefer to leave censored.

    Also, I am using the Faithful texture resource pack, which edits the font, in case you were wondering.

    EDIT: I got this on ALL MC servers, not just EMC.
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  2. Nobody can sign in for the exact reason that the authentication is down for maintenance. :p
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  3. Person who is making this happen all the time is:
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  4. Thanks for the link - It actually tells me that the guy is trying to "Strike against the EULA" essentially. Not sure if he meant to bring down all session servers though :confused: I kind of guessed this was going to happen.
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  5. Their intentions sound just, but they are ruining something for a whole lot of other people who have nothing to do with it.
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  6. For sure was going to happen just like in December people did it to the skin servers for fun.

    He will get caught and when his time comes he will be gone for along time. The way i see it is: If the feds want you they will get you.
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  7. The annoying thing is that this won't help anyone. All he is doing is annoying Mojang and putting a negative image on those that appose the EULA.
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  8. Dat be one gangsta errra message right dere, yo.
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  9. That contains swearing, which you probably should have warned about.
    Losing your mod touch, my dear chinny chin? ;)
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  10. *checks*
    slightly less green
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  11. I read up on this, Mojang, will kill MineCraft, as they have done before, but this time, it will be permanent. (If it goes through.)
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  12. But Mojang is an independent company based in Sweden.
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  13. I'll let this one slide, don't sweat it ;)
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  14. Lol the feds won't want him. He's just a script kiddie DDoS'ing some pretty weak video game (in terms of massively-used things) servers so he can protest against something that isn't of any importance to the government. Plus Mojang aren't associated with any form of American Law due to their being in Sweden.
  15. I think EMC and other Minecraft servers are up now
  16. They were brought on again about 1/2 an hour after I made this thread.