Erm... Something went wrong.

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  1. This just suddenly popped up in chat. Server was smp4.
  2. I /p their name and they're perm banned for Automated Spam protection.
  3. That was the anti-spam catching a spammer, who actually turned out to be a admitted griefer. Thumbs up for EMC AI. :p
  4. And the peoples rejoiced!
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  5. Ok? So he spammed got banned, kicked, banned, kicked, banned?! Would be weird to see:
    SYSTEM got banned by SYSTEM for spamming the chat for kicking/banning someone.
  6. I have a photoshop job for you...
  7. If its too make it say what I just said, I dont think I can do that. But anything else I can :D Just PM the details, dont want to hijack your thread :p
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  8. The anti-spam must have lagged slightly, causing it to kick and ban the player at the same time, instead of kicking first and banning only in the event of a repeat offense within a certain time-frame. This has happened a few times, and just requires getting in touch with a staff member regarding the incident. This is to be fixed at some stage, but is currently a rare bug which can be solved on a case-by-case basis. :)
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  9. That explains it! :D
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  10. I was actually online when this happened... Quite an interesting site that took place after a rather horrible one... I'm assuming this auto spam protection won't be appealed?
  11. What was the rather horrible one?
  12. I dont think SYSTEM has an inbox to appeal too...
  13. Well as far as I'm aware when the system bans someone for any length of time a notification is sent directly to JustinGuy, he then reviews the situation and applies what he thinks should happen; may that be pardoning the player or leaving the ban in place ;)

    Correct me if I'm wrong staff :D
  14. Or SYSTEM is a moderator that is really good at banning spammers >.>
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  15. Perhaps :rolleyes:
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  16. Ok _Stads_ that just gave it away. Your SYSTEM!! Or shaun has nothing better to do so he now goes round calling himself SYSTEM

    EDIT: I made it! :)

    IcecreamCow was in vanish
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  17. Oh how did you know... I was supposed to keep the fact that I am SYSTEM a secret.... :p lol of course not xD
  18. You are shaun? I can trust no one!!
  19. lol what?!? Of course not :p
  20. Well I am also from AUS, so maybe...
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