Episode titles for the New! Survival land survivors series.

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  1. Episode titles for the New! Survival land survivors series.

    Most locations used in this story will be open to visit anytime on SMP9. These locations may be subjected to changes due to the story line. So upon visiting be cautious of spoilers.

    1. The new lives of the Badass love duo
    2. The new friends
    3. The Alliance
    4. Old friends
    5. Going outside
    6. Finding the truth
    7. The great creeper threat
    8. The plan
    9. Operation 1 set up
    10. Attack!
    11. The great creeper revenge
    12. Lost friend
    13. Lost paths
    14. Peace in the Empire
    15. The End of it all

    Hello, my names Jade, also known as ‘The_Cupa_Creeper’ or just ‘Cupa’ in the world of role play. I have to admit the design of Cupa was not made by me. Cupa is part of a mod called the Mob talker mod which allows you to talk to mobs in your Minecraft world. I am using her as my character in my story since she is a cool character and her design is cute. I am also doing this because there is no official story for Cupa so I thought It would be nice to make my own story for her whilst also playing as her. I have also decided to use some other characters from the Mob talker mod but not for the main characters.
    I have already created a backstory for Cupa which also includes real facts about me. Since this is a role play I decided to pretend that I am Cupa in this world. If you wish to read this then click here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the_cupa_creeper-story.51134/
    I would love for people to read these stories, I will be putting a lot of work into them along with a few other friends so it would mean a lot if you could check them out.


    Cupa and Hex's home on SMP9