Epic Parkour Chalenge

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  1. Hello! This is 8comimi here. I am hosting a contest right now at my residence on smp1. My residence number is 2146. I have an awesome and hard parkour that I want someone to beat. Don't worry, I guarantee this parkour is possible to beat. I have tested every single jump for myself. Anyways, the prize will be a diamond pick enchanted with Efficiency II and Silk Touch. I will also give 5,000 rupees to the winner. To earn the 5,000 rupees, you MUST write your name in the book that I have left in a chest and drop it in a hopper at the end. If you do not do this, you will not get the 5,000 rupees. I have done this so there aren't any players that say they have won, when they actually haven't, and so I can see who has won, even when I am not online. Also, this challenge will go on until someone wins. Have fun. -8comimi

    Edit: Since the course seemed to be too long and still, very hard, I decided to add more to the prize. 1 zombie head, 10 diamond ore, and a stack of Nether Quartz. I hope that makes the parkour more worth it.
  2. I will now be adding a beacon to the prize for whoever beats the parkour.
  3. I will definately be there to try it out. So only one person can get the prizes?
  4. Yes^, and it's really hard I've spent like 1.5+ hours on it lol. I'll get there eventually, don't think I wont :p
  5. Well, that's why I have such a big prize for it. :D Diamond pick with Efficiency II and Silk Touch I. A stack of Nether Quartz, 1 zombie head, 10 diamond ore, 5,000 rupees, and a beacon!
  6. Yes, only one person may earn the prize.
  7. its soooo hard to complete!
  8. Yeah, I know. If anyone has any suggestions for one more prize, I might consider it. That doesn't mean I will make a prize for every single suggestion, but I might have one more prize. Nothing big, but worth it.
  9. Maybe you could add a powerful sword or armour. Maybe an OreBuster :p
  10. I will beat it tomorrow. Mark my words. I will beat it. I haven't tried it yet, but I will.
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  11. Have fun with that :D
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  12. its impossible!!!
  13. Just remeber... the most important, most life changing part about this parkour... have... FUN! :D
  14. This is sooo hard. I don't think I can complete it.
  15. Caught lying!
  16. I don't think anyone remembered to have fun. You must BELIEVE! Don't give up my companions of minecraft... some day... someone will beat it... and it will be YOU random person who is reading this and is trying my parkour some day in the future and with fingers sweating, nervs tense, last jump... and you've (fallen) MADE IT! Talk about run on sentences.
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  17. I haven't given up yet. If I am bored I try it a few times and usually fail at the jump right after the corner jump thing. If I get past that I get kind of far
  18. this really is impossible I don't think anyone will get it for years!
  19. Can we use deh pearls of enderz
  20. No... That would be cheating...

    *Not sure if stupid... Or trolling...*
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