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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by generalfelino015, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Hi, general here, I was thinking, why we don't do a epic omegle time with all EMC members. Someone could recorded if he or she wants. That could be a good or a bad idea?
  2. What we have set up already and can get busy at peak times with some staff too is an EMC Mumble server. :)
  3. LOL, I forget about mumble, lol, but still we can do a omegle epic time?!?!
  4. Omegle isn't even close to emc safe...
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  5. Loads of elderly men operating their disco sticks. Definatly not EMC safe.
  6. Some of us mumblers use "friend cameo" it's safe to use and we party on there a bunch
  7. we could all change our interests to something weird like empirepotatopielambmuffinexplosionland
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  8. Agreed.
    expect it should be:
  9. No one shall see my face,only nick,dark,jc,south,kur,cheese,iny,elite,and hurf have seen my face..I don't want others to see it..