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  1. So if you are wondering, I started the old covers thread but rather than get in trouble for bumping it, I thought that I would start a new one with fresh music. And I am only going to search for Covers of songs that give the original a run for their money.
    To start things off, I give you Jayesslee's cover of Gangnam Style:

  2. Here we have a brilliant Jurassic Park theme on the harmonica.
  3. 'Nuff said.
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  4. Very good cover by two very sexy ladies. :)
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  5. Yay! I love these threads. :D I am constantly looking for new people on YouTube who are doing awesome cover songs. Here are some of my favorite YouTube cover song singers. (Cover sing songers? Cover singers? Song coverers?) These are all better than the originals, in my opinion.

    Madilyn Bailey

    These guys get a double feature, I just love Alex Goot & Chrissy Constanza together:

    Dave Days & Megan Nicole
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  6. Here's a riveting performance of "Amazing Grace". The talent and tone just blew me away:

    Also, here's a site that might help you find more covers:
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  7. BOOM!
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  8. You know when I first saw this thread I thought that you meant covers as in bedspread.... Oh well.

  9. The song itself isn't the best (I'm not a huge fan of Taylor Swift).
    But the cover is just epic.
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  10. I will just leave this here.. <,<
  11. Songs to Wear Pants To/Andrew Huang. Still Alive Cover:
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  12. o,o'... omg thank you Kotaku... I would so not have stumbled upon this unless I was specifically looking for Apotheosis..

  13. Boom. String Quartet + Breaking Benjamin = Pure awesome.
  14. How has nobody posted this.
    The one cover where a musician took a song already regarded as a work of art, and completely revolutionised it with the themes of a modern world.
    A cover where the musician has put so much of himself into the cover, that it can no longer be regarded as a cover, as it would insult both the original and this version. A completely new work. And a beautiful one, at that.

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  16. I find that to be way funnier than I should...