[EPIC Auction] 80k promo leggings, Aikar's head(plus 53 others!) and Aikar's book "Tales of Eternia"

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    --PM me if you need clarification or have questions--
    This Auction is aimed at collectors, players with museums, or just players who have the rupees to bid for bragging rights!
    And NO, the starting bid WILL NOT be lowered.
    These are MY items and unless I get the bare minimum of what I want for them, then I will keep them.

    Items - 80k members promo leggings(1 of the 3 in existence)
    -------- Aikar's 12/23/13 DP head, Aikarias head, and ArtemisV head(plus 51 other heads)
    -------- Aikar's Book, dropped at the 80k members DP, "Tales of Eternia" (32 in existence)
    Starting Bid - 750k
    Minimum Bid - 15k
    Auction Ends - 48 hours after last valid bid
    Pick up - Access chest @ 12300 on smp6

    ----Full list of heads(54)---
    1-Aikar head - Aikar's 12/23/13 Drop Party
    1-Aikarias head
    1-ArtemisV head
    1-shaunwhite1982 head
    1-Wipple5 head
    1-wkramer97 head
    2-akkid98 head (banned)
    1-NRSabol head
    1-Biggerhammer head
    1-eyewillkillu head
    1-_RedSpectre_ head
    1-tedrocker head
    1-darksuperlord head
    1-BTHarrold98 head
    1-KJHaddrell01 head
    1-beckham_caleb head
    1-EffinBatman head
    1-nela2 head
    1-trity11 head
    1-skyman1212 head
    1-TindyPandy2004 head
    1-MagnetixXx head
    1-Jonzika11 head
    1-xI_LIKE_A_PIGx head
    1-theawzmone head
    1-Cascarggrls head
    2-NoneOfYourBiz1 head
    5-MurphsAwesome head
    5-kieran_150998 head
    5-Kaylalee1229 head
    5-colepuncher head
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  2. Also, Aikar OK'd to me via mail that all of these items are fine to auction at this time. I can send screenshot to any mods who would like to verify
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  3. Can you post a picture of the leggings? I'd like to see the lore/enchants.
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  4. 750k opening bid by me.. :) What can I say, I like heads..
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  6. Perfect bump!
    Hmm, wonder if this will be an auction with 1 bid and 20 bumps...
  7. 751k
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  8. 800k
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  9. Bump.

    Guess no one else wants the pants. 1 out of the 3 in existence, right here for auction
  10. I'm pretty sure this auction is illegal. Rainbowchin told me that Tales of Eternia books cannot be auctioned off.
  11. Its not, do not post unless your bidding please
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  12. Changed end time to 48 hours after last bid
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  13. Final bump. The leggings are among the rarest promo on emc. Heres your last chance to get 1 of the pieces, as no one else is selling theirs
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