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  1. As most of us know, we are only allowed 100 entities * Animals * on our residence, although it is no use to me I think that for a price people can add more allowed entities. I mean that say for 1 million r * not actual price * I have it so I can now have 120 entities. I also think there is a cap * much like the vault pages * of like 200 or something. If you don't have a clue of what I am talking about just say you agree please :)
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  2. I think the reason for the limited entities is to prevent lag - If it didn't cause lag however, I'm sure this would be a great idea! :)
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  3. There was a problem last year of people having like 300 animals and it caused so much lag people couldn't log on or would get DC'd so the entity limit will probably not change.
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  4. I am aware of this. This is why there is a maximum amount you can extend the cap * 2oo *. I say that it should be around 1,000r per entity extended so 100k for full extension. Before you say again the lag, just think of the benefits. You can have more sheep in your sheep farm, you can farm more villagers, more chickens laying eggs.
  5. there is no happy benefits when people don't wanna be your neighbor and start complaining
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  6. Cookies, this is why there is a price. Now 1,000r to add 1 animal is a lot and people will not buy it which is good but some people want to for their public sheep farm, or some of the previous stuff I mentioned.
  7. You know what's a better idea? Giving lots of money to emc so they can have a ton of ram for each server so then we can all have 1 billion sheep! :D
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  8. That's not how it works, actually. The server having more ram would help a little, but it mostly depends on what your computer can handle, not the server. My computer can handle a few hundred entities, for example, but adding ram to the server wouldn't speed up my game.
  9. If only there was some way we can give money to emc