Entity Limit Bug?

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  1. I Have a base in the frontier on SMP3. I just got the message "WARNING: You are over the total entity limit. No animals or monsters will spawn." It states: Amimals 212 Monsters 48. I'm not sure how large the "area" is but the animals number is waaay off. There's now way there are that many animals within 500 blocks of me. This is really screwing me up because I can't breed anything. Could someone look into this?

    I have no grinders of any kind.

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  2. Check under ground, you likely have a lot of chickens due to our lovely chicken jockeys....
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  3. Unfortunately, /entc is accurate.
    The problem is that many chickens have spawned around you, often in hidden caves and such.
    It is a bug that came to EMC when we updated to 1.7.8.

    The worst part is that they do not despawn, they are permanent.

    I know this bug really stinks and damages wild and nether bases.

    I hope and have asked that this be fixed, ASAP, but I have not heard any time frame.

    Here is the bug tracker link.
    It is still set to just Normal importance.


    More info here:

    Once this is fixed, you have to spend a long time digging and searching for those permanent chickens and kill them, or else your /entc will forever be too high.

  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. No, I'm going to auto kill all abandoned chickens soon as chunk loads.
    They are at least tagged as a chicken jockey chicken.

    Oddly - they are suppose to despawn and not be permanent....
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  6. BTW, that chickens don't lay eggs (aparently).
  7. Thank you Very Much !
    This means we will Not have to spend hours finding them all, great news.
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  8. This is most likely due to MC-42174.
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