Entity is having problems reaching me???

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by wassatthen, May 22, 2014.

  1. Just received an ingame red message telling me that 'it appears that entity is having difficulty reaching you' and that in-game rewards would be affected. I have no idea what Entity is or what I am supposed to to about this. ANyone have any ideas? I am mining on smp5
  2. I changed the wording to say "Monster" instead.
  3. Fair enough, it will be clearer. But I have never stood on top of a pillar hitting mobs that cant reach me, or indulged in monster traps where the monster cant reach me either (except skele spawners, which i havent used for many months). It does sometimes happen that an enraged mob is trapped behind a 2 block shelf, but that would be how i found it, there's no cheating involved. So I now have to mine a block to deliberately let the enraged mob reach me. I see. Good thing water flow still works to keep that old enraged creeper back a bit. Or is this going to be called cheating too?
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  4. Even just behind a gate when attacking enraged this message appears, but if the gate is open, its fine because it can reach you :)