Bug/Feature/Misc Updates 5/21/14

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  1. Lots of changes going out now! FYI the "Anti Cheap Kill" system is the code that determines if a player is hitting a monster without risk of themselves taking damage (IE: "Kill Chambers" that prevent mobs from escaping)
    See this post for clarity on this system: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/bug-feature-misc-updates-5-21-14.39477/page-2#post-747607
    • /chat clear - Clears your chat to keep it from prying eyes.
    • /staff - Shows online staff
    • Tweaked the "Anti Cheap Kill" system to special case Marlix to just 0 out damage if it thinks its risk free attack, so it will never be "nerfed"
      - This means he should no longer have issues with dropping items/tokens.
    • Tweaked the "Anti Cheap Kill" system to always teleport Momentus even on lower difficulty, so it will never be "nerfed". NOTE: This system only applies when Monsters are attacked. It will not randomly teleport you (unless you are on higher difficulty levels and he aggros you)
    • Added a message to the user if they trigger this system, alerting you of the penalty.
    • Staff muting players now shows up in game if the player is online, to show staff action was taken.
    • Player heads should now work on 1.7.9 properly
    Anyone who receives the message on a monster that CAN attack you just fine please report it to staff with screenshot/video if possible.
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  2. Awesome!
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  3. Amazing, thanks for all the hard work. :D
  4. Thanks Aikar, lots of great changes here!
  5. Yay! I love updates :)
  6. nice +1 aikar
  7. one thing. Chat isnt cleared if you scroll up :p (2nd!)

    edit: 4th :(
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  8. Yay heads will work properly now :)
  9. star come back online LOL

    i want your heads in pvp now that they work ha ha
  10. Minecraft doesn't support a real clear, so we clear by simply sending a bunch of blanks :p
    It's mainly intended for live streaming... IE: Getting staff stuff off screen before live streaming haha.
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  11. ok got it. if there were more lines that spammed in there you would have to scroll a ways. Then you could do it several times to get it all the way gone
  12. What are kill chambers?
  13. I believe it applies to most grinders. Any redstone device that damages, auto-kills, or traps mobs so that they can't fight back.
  14. Useful stuff
    Bug Fixes
    Heads work properly

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  15. oh the anti-cheat system...
    at least I have /chat clear now to help with that
  16. I'll put it under the "don't spam you" system Residence uses for next update. Just wanted to get this out tonight before going to bed.
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  17. OH MY GOSH!!! I've seen this Anti-cheat before in another server! It caused chaos, because Regular players were being called cheaters by the plugin, when they weren't. Like example, When I was just in a Mineshaft and I was digging in the wall, when I broke a small hole showing a monster on the other side. So I used my bow and shot it through the hole, then that cheat message popped up saying that the monster couldn't get to you, so i was cheating. Hello! There is a difference between Smart fighting and Run and gun melee that anti-cheat will not know the difference. Another example, I stacked blocks up to see over a hill, as i got higher i noticed a burning skeleton at the distance, so I shot and killed it wih my bow. It said that the monster could not attack me so I was cheating and i will get no bonus!. OMG! Not everyone plays stupidly, to just run up to a strong monster! It's called survival not suicide!
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  18. I am sure aikar's version is smarter than a 1 hit variation. This is more like, if you have a mob trapped over multiple hits average it can not deal damage to you.


    It probably uses just an average of how much damage the mob issues, versus the amount of damage it takes, taking in account the distance the mob has moved.

    Like if I hit Zombie 3 times, and it hits me zero, but is at least moving.. I would HOPE the system knows that, that is not a kill box. However, one could easily make work around killboxes to fit that criteria.. If the system is done right and intelligently it will know the difference between you fighting a mob with a bow on the run, and keeping a mob trapped so you can beat it to death.