Entity Despawn Rules - Query about Villagers

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kilmannan, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Are Villagers set to despawn the same as normal mobs?

    I'm noticing not a complete despawn of Villagers from my Wild Village, but certainly a gradual decrease.
    It's a right pain in the backside, as I've got them manning stores, etc, and they keep bunking off and going AWOL.
  2. Villagers are the One thing I hope do not despawn, because their trades can not be readily replaced, if ever.
    Some have valuable trades.
  3. are they surrounded by a non transparent block?
  4. They're all in cobble buildings with glass windows and wooden roofs?
  5. Theres a possibility that theyre suffocating in the cobble walls
    My only suggestion is to surround the interior of their houses with glass, fences, or other transparent blocks
  6. When the /entcount reaches 250 any mob can and will die villagers included, I lost a bunch of them at my iron farm last week, only way to try and stop it is to light up all the tunnels and land to reduce other mobs from spawning
  7. Yeah check the entcount... However, the auto kill favors monsters before animals... so It shouldn't affect villagers unless you have a lot of animals in the area.

    If its not entcount, has to be suffocation.
  8. XD Im might be right too XD