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  1. I've been on a few servers that use it and it really helps improve performance. I think it would be best if it was used when the nightly reset happens or twice per day
  2. We don't really need to worry about those issues. EMC has mob limits per chunk in all worlds, and item entities gather more closely than vanilla.
    Not to mention that EMC servers never, if not, rarely lag.
  3. Wouldn't this also sweep friendly mobs like cows and villagers since they are considered entities too?
  4. What I'm assuming he means are items...
    Such as items on the ground disappear every few minutes or something.
    I think :p
  5. nope from what i've seen. i left some stone on the ground and it was still there the next day
  6. Oh, here on EMC we wait for the items to despawn naturally. The entities only load when the chunks are loaded.

    EDIT: So if the chunks the items are in is not loaded by some player, the countdown till despawn is frozen.
  7. This, so if someone drops a diamond and logs out for a year and nobody went near where he went, he'd still get the diamond that's on the floor a year later since the chunk was unloaded. (I think server resets/updates deletes them though)
  8. The ways entities work on EMC were changed so that we don't require something like this. :)
  9. Awesome...
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  10. We consider this kind of behavior on other servers completely unacceptable, so we made tweaks so players do not ever have to worry about unexpected losses :)

    Now, there is some suspicion there is a bug making items sit around longer than they are suppose to, but overall, items on the ground has very little impact to our server compared to others due to them being "inactive"