Ent. Limit Priority List

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  1. I had the idea where the entity limit could have a priority list for certain mobs. For example, you could type /entcount priority villager 1 to make villagers only despawn if there isn't any other mobs. y=You could type /entcount priority mushroomcow 2 to make mushroom cows only despawn if there aren't any mobs except whatever is in slot 1. Or, you could put /entcount priority list to see the list of your priority despawns.
    It needs some work, but....
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  2. I get what your saying and I don't know what to say.
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  3. Totally justifies your action.
  4. YES. Navyrobs infinite paper villager just despawned because we were over the entcount.
  5. Guess where I got the idea.
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  6. it could just be a server side preference really
    imo villagers should despawn last of almost every passive mob
    but who knows maybe this is in the works :p
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