Endermart Grinder Service

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  1. Hello!

    I'm not the first person to do this, but it's easy to get alot of rupees which is something I need. My brother is down to a mere 200r or less, so i'm going to be splitting it. The rupees that go towards him will be spent on an amazing steampunk themed res, mine will go towards the Endermart mall!


    You see those usual grinder services? Well they use mob spawners, which means people will get griefed and you're just buying co-ords.
    With Endermart grinder service, it's a dark, dangerous square room that will fit in your base.
    Which means if it gets griefed you can repair it yourself and nothing that spawns the mobs will be broken.

    20x20 room = 2,000r
    40x40 room = 4,000r
    60x60 room = 6,000r
    80x80 room = 8,000r
    100x100 = 10,000r (These will cause too much lag for a server, so I cannot build them! Sorry)

    ---Fees & Extra pieces---
    Travelling = (every 10 minutes is 10r)
    XP drop point = Extra 20r
    Block swapper = Extra 10r (Press a button and a crafting table/furnace will replace a block)


    Q: Why is the maximum 100?
    A: Because that's only how far away the mobs will spawn away from you.

    Q: Why is it so expensive?
    A: It's actually quite cheap compared to other grinder services. They do mob spawners for over 15k in some cases. The highest price for the Endermart grinder service is 10k for a 100x100 room.

    Q: Why do we have to pay for extra pieces?
    A: Because for the block swapper it's a few extra redstone pieces, a few sticky pistons, and a button/pressure pad/lever.
    An XP drop point is made out of the block of your choice with a glass chute. It also means extra signs.

    Q: Why pay for travelling fees?
    A: Because if your base is an hour away from spawn, my time could have been spent doing something better. So if I get 1 extra rupee per minute of travel it means my res is going to look better.

    ---Extra Info---
    If you own a 100x100 mob grinder, I reccomend an AFK of about 5-10 minutes!
    Mobs will build up quickly in there and you may push the limits of the server
    or stop mobs spawning for other people!

    If your grinder is griefed, I will not repair it! They are pretty simple to fix once built!

    If travelling fees end up being over 1oo rupees I will cut the price down to 50r!

    Also, I will not do this on smp3. The reason being is because it's my home server and I will not travel large distances on it!

    Update 6/08/2012: Travelling fees must be paid before I start the spawning room.

    Update 08/08/2012: All orders are postponed now because i'm leaving for whales for a week on saturday, and i've got another busy 3 days. Also, all of the grinders are now broken except the 20x20 one as of 1.3 due to mobs idling when you're further than 32 blocks away from them. The workaround is extra floors, the downside of that though is the spawners have to be made deeper.
  2. can u do multi-level ones? like a 60x60 but like 3-4 floors tall?
  3. I'll try it out.
  4. Also, I forgot to mention this in the thread: To give me an order, say the size you want it. Then say the extra pieces (leave blank if you don't want any) and then send your order through.

    Also, I'll make a waiting list once my first order comes through and remove the person off it once their order is done.
  5. ill order a 5-floor 60x60 darkroom grinder (i want XP points)
    and how much would that be (if it works). like floor proce X number of floors ??? so would that be like 30,000r?
  6. Since i'm only trying it out it's free of extra charge for you. Pay me once the job is done :)
    -Added to waiting list
    -I need your co-ords for your wild base in a private message.
    -I just need to get there, in the morning.
  7. so its 6k?
  8. I'm currently building Dylan_Frenette's mob grinder on smp6. Jobs temporarily closed down for smp6, sorry. You can still order jobs for smp6 though!

    1998golfer, send me a private message with the co-ords you'd like me to set a grinder up on. Also, tell me which server your base is on.
  9. so the mobs fall down when u press a switch to a one hit kill?
  10. Nu. They fall down a chute and you one hit kill.
  11. Can u make it With a base?
  12. I can make it in a base that's already been built.
  13. How about I get a 100x100 and only afk 5 minutes? :(
  14. I don't know. One of the other reasons I took it out was because it takes 2 hours to mine EVERYTHING out.
  15. 2 hours work = 10,000 rupees
    I spent a whole morning making a blaze trap for someone and got paid 10k. I was happy with that.
  16. Can u build 1 without a base?
  17. Yeah, just to MINE it out. Making the water streams, the spawn pads takes even longer.
  18. New update. Read 08/08/2012 at the bottom of the post above the disclaimer.