Enderman XP Nerf?

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  1. Has enderman xp rate been nerfed? This might have been a thing a while ago, but I've lately been trying to grind some xp and it seems really slow. It used to take 5-6 minutes for level 30 and now takes upwards of 15 minutes. It doesn't seem to be this slow on other 1.8 servers. Is it just EMC? It might be an old thing, not sure.
  2. My Xp Grinder takes 12 minutes to give you level 30 I think it's normal but I don't know if it isn't because I am only playing for 11days
  3. The situation you're experiencing applies to all mob farms that rely on natural spawning. It seems that EMC and its source plug-in, Spigot, don't allow mobs to spawn as often by natural means nor in large groups.
    I've also hypothesized once that mob spawning rates as of Minecraft 1.8 are lower in older chunks: ones first generated prior to 1.8.
    There's nothing we can do about this. Some people might even prefer less monsters in their way.

    EDIT: What enderman farm are you using? I have one on SMP6 that's bigger and does produce endermen faster than the one I have on SMP5.
    More info can be found under my featured thread.
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  4. Hmm but I experimented and stockpiled 95 enderman (ent cap) and they only got me from level 27-30 (barely).
  5. This is because the algorithm for experience points needed to level up was changed in 1.8. Levels now require more Xp overall, in exchange for using less at anvils and enchantment tables. Item repairs can cost as low as 8 levels, and enchantments take only up to 3 levels.
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  6. Yes but I also tested on another 1.8 server that I was playing on before EMC was 1.8 (no names) and same story over there - level 0-30 only took ~6 minutes.
  7. Emc has a difference in how much xp you get for killing monsters that have already been damaged, as far as I know. So if you killed the enderman at full health then you should get the same amount as your other server. I do not have concrete evidence of this but word of mouth from mods. Aikar isn't a fan of "farms" whatever it is he deems as a farm I don't know but with an economy and demand, whether there is an established currency or not you are going to have people trying to mass produce so his attitude toward it is a bit in vain. No matter how much he nerfs farms in this way people are still going to find the fastest way to farm and go that route to mass produce results, be it xp/resources or rupee farming. limiting the mob count makes sense but if this nerf to xp from already damaged mobs is a thing, it really doesn't make much sense.
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  8. I tried this a while back, and it seemed you are in the same situation as I was. I just abandoned the end farm and moved on to a nether/wild farm. I'm curious as to why this is..
  9. I don't recall the amount of xp being part of the system.(it's possible that it's been changed because it's been a while) Mobs give a set amount of xp on death in minecraft, only loot was adjusted depending on how they take damage in Aikar's 'play your way' system.
    Maybe the other server you are playing on has been changing their xp system, as many players were not thrilled with the new system of calculation.
    Try a single player server, spawn in your 95 endermen and see how many levels it makes. Then we would have a reliable base to what it 'should' be. I'd do it, but don't have minecraft for another 8 hours.:(
  10. I will definitely try it out when I get home in ~6 hours, if anyone else wants to try it then go ahead. More evidence the better.

    I have noticed that at level 29, each enderman would give you about 2/3 of a segment of your xp bar and now it takes about 5 enderman to fill a segment of the xp bar. If Gawadrolt's theory about damaged mobs giving less xp is true, I find that incredibly annoying and it doesn't even stop you from just building a makeshift box and looking around at enderman then hitting them with your sword.

    I don't like when xp is easy to get, but I kind of want it to be easy because it encourages a great market full of people selling their enchanted creations. Making xp difficult to get hinders this and I think that's awful. The same can be said for iron/gold farms, maybe they are OP and make getting those resources easy but we have a lot of players now and we need solid sources for this stuff. If all the iron anyone ever got was from the ground then we'd be paying like 50r per ingot.

    Then again I can't draw conclusions until I do the research, so I'll get on this when I see how much xp vanilla gives me for 95 enderman.
  11. When I have used the World Downloader mod in the past (within ~6 months from now), I have noticed that there are significant natural spawn and xp rate drops.
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  12. Try can see if you can get from level 27 to level 30 by killing 62 pre-injured endermen on EMC.
  13. So, I have found that the endermen at my farm on SMP6 are dropping less experience than what they should be (endermen usually drop 5 exp. when killed). This is very likely because the endermen are already severely damaged (they're weakened to 1 hp).
    The mechanics on EMC with mob rewards are dependent on fairness against them. You get less rewards the lower the player:non-player damage ratio is. The only things not affected by this system are vanilla item drops.
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  14. Ahh that's so annoying :(
  15. I agree with you.

    I can understand Akair is against mob farming: something that I'm really passionate about with Minecraft.

    Jeb at Mojang tried to interfere with this the earlier 1.8 snapshots, and he almost did it again for one of the 1.9 snapshots. A large portion of the Minecraft community, with me being apart of it, doesn't like these nerfs to farms. We know very well that nerfing farms will greatly restrict our freedom we have with Minecraft. Yes, there has be things we can and cannot do, but Minecraft isn't the appropriate game for strict playing rules.

    However, here at Empire Minecraft, there's an economy to consider too. I see it as an extension to Vanilla Minecraft, but it can also interfere with the ordinary game, such as for Xp farms.

    I know we aren't supposed to talk about the EMC economy here, so we can discuss more about this somewhere else.;)
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  16. Basically everything you said.. Yep.
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  17. If there are changes from Vanilla MC I'd love to see them documented in a wiki page somewhere :)

    *hint hint contribution team*
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  18. Thanks for testing that ForeverMaster0!
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  19. If there's changes regarding the spawn rates confirmed by developers/senior staff then I'll add them to the Technical Changes page. Until then, I'm going to assume they're bugs (which aren't documented on the wiki). I'm not going to say something's a feature until it has actually been confirmed. (Or until I'm told to do so by a leader. :p)
  20. Reported your comment for dereliction of duty :p Lets see if we can't get it changed ;-)
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