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Happy October!

Bats 7 vote(s) 28.0%
Skeletons 5 vote(s) 20.0%
Zombies 2 vote(s) 8.0%
Plumpy!!!!! 11 vote(s) 44.0%
  1. Get ready.
    The day is coming.
    #StartTheHype :)
    Click HERE
  2. I like to have one and add me with a bow and me in a shooting stance, and the background has a nether castle far behind me, and yes add my name, and I don't have the link to the skin unfortunately since my friend LexiBret59 made it for me
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  3. You asking for my money to do this, going to order now. I will be ordering over pm because you might have questions about it. Also, about your poll you forgot to add Foxy :p
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  4. Vortixin
    Holding a sword in one hand and a emerald in the other
    Background can you do a few villagers and things they trade? Like wheat books pumpkins?
    Name: Can it say "Specialty Inc." and "Vortixin"??
    All I know is that my cousin says it's called red stone hoodie but I don't know where to get it?
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  5. Name- Lordess_Spartan
    Pose/Items- I would like to be in any cool stance while holding a knife :p ( mostly a pose like im fighting/combat )
    Background(optional)- Idk what my background is but dont make it a solid color plz
    Username in the Avatar- yes
    Link to Download Your Skin- If this is what you mean then here ya go: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/7161899/scourge/
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  6. Name- Eviltoade
    Pose/Items- Anything cool, surprise me with your artyness
    Background(optional)- Swampyness
    Username in the Avatar- Yes
    Link to Download Your Skin- IDK where to get that :(
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  7. Name- Theomglover_
    Pose/Items- My Skin Getting Ready To Shoot An Arrow (Enchanted Bow) and Having a Enchanted Iron Helm on
    Background(optional)- I would like to have a cave background
    Username in the Avatar- Yes
    Link to Download Your Skin- https://namemc.com/skin/0190e6968da37988
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  8. Name - ESSELEM
    Pose/Items- anything that you want your character to hold, sword, knife, pumpkin - Me holding a knife in a combat position :D
    Background(optional)- if you want a certain background in your avatar, if you want no background, make sure to tell me too. Any background that is "darkish" XD
    Username in the Avatar- say yes or no.. Could I have one with and one without :D
    Link to Download Your Skin- to make my life easier Use some skin stealer website - Here's my skin file http://imgur.com/xNbq0w3
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  10. Name: Sealeon
    Pose/Items: Could I be sitting down and holding a allium like in the first loser photo?
    Background: Blue (Just like my background Right now)
    Username in Avatar: Yes Please :D
    Link to download my skin: http://minecraft.tools/en/skin.php?skin=Sealeon
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  11. Name: MajorHaze
    Pose/Items Posed on a Black a black stallion with gold barding. Holding a written book in one hand and diamond sword in the other.
    Background: On a hill with a mob battle all around me.
    Username on the written book if possible.
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  12. Name: lottie1664
    Pose- In some fighting position of your choice, holding a diamond sword. Background? A field of some kind please :)
    No username thanks :)
    Link: https://namemc.com/skin/869fa7ced46dd119
    Thanks again :)
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  14. (bump) Finished the first two people on the list :)
  15. Name- ChristopherJay
    Pose/Items- Headless riding a horse (holding a pumpkin head to one side and a diamond axe to the other)
    Background(optional)- A field with hoards of zombies with pumpkins for heads
    Username in the Avatar- No
    Link to Download Your Skin- http://minecraft.tools/en/skin.php?skin=ChristopherJay
    Hope I'm not asking for too much :p
  16. Not ordering one cos this kind man already made me one, seriously look at how cool the avatar looks xD
  17. So cool of you to make these.

    Name: AncientTower
    Pose/Items: Sitting on to of an old cracked stone/ moss stone spiral tower. Holding a fishing pole.
    Background: A tower sitting on a tower in the middle of an ocean fishing. Overcast clouds over head and a dark lighting storm is the far back.
    Username: inscribed into the the tower just above the water.