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  1. So... I was thinking about this 20 seconds ago and I thought:

    If you kill a dragon.. Why would the prize be his egg? You'd go inside his organs and somehow extract an egg.. somehow? Why not it's head. It seems more logical to get the head of such slaid dragon. Like when you go hunting, Some people take their heads and make them throphies not their eggs...

    What do you guys think?
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  2. I'd much take the egg instead,
    So I could raide my own army of Enderdragons!
    *evil laugh*
  3. Trophies ≠ Heads

    Heads were used as trophies long ago, and they are actually pretty scary. You kill someone, and you take their head? Yuck.
  4. Creeper head, wither head, zombie head, ect.... makes sense that they add this. O.O
  5. I think the egg goes better with the theme of trying to understand the endermen as a race. Maybe it's more philosophical than Mojang intended, but there's a nice touch to keeping the dragon's egg safe after you kill it. Think about it - no one tells you to go to the end. Endermen only attack after being attacked, and the same pretty much goes for the dragon. If you got a head instead, it would seem like you killed the dragon in cold blood and learned nothing from the experience. Besides, it would make more sense for the egg to have a function than the head.
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  6. Oh well. Just my thoughts as I've played many MMORPG's and some of them have dragons.. when you slay them some involves head throphie and stuff.
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  7. I agree with the logical approach of taking the egg for backstory etc. Although i would LOVE a special tool that you would need to create to remove the heads or body parts of the mobs in Minecraft... i would have a trophy room to show my awesomeness and use it as a showcase to show other people! I would love this as a feature!
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