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  1. I think jeb fixed the enderchests
    also when you destroy the chest you don't get the eye back you get 8 obsidian back.

    Jens Bergensten@jeb_
    Changed Ender Chests to be per player, but also made you lose the Eye of Ender if you knock the chest down (so no free carrying around)
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  2. do you get the enderchest?
  3. I don't understand the point of enderchests.
  4. it will be like star trek!!!
  5. Star trek was good. don't ruin it by bringing it here.
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  6. Ender chests are Univerisial banks sorry for bad spelling
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  7. It's really not a good idea to implant ender chests to EMC evaluate EVERYONE has access to it and some dude might put bunches of diamonds in it and then someone takes them then te dude gets really mad HAXXOR STOLE ME DIAMONDZ!

    So it's useless.
  8. MY DIAMONDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. "Changed Ender Chests to be per player" -Jeb
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  10. Oh goodie!
  11. thats funny
  12. They're pretty much the EMC Vault on SSP/CSP.
  13. They make It so you can put something in it and itt appears in the other on at home.
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  14. Nope, that is fixed, read it on mojang.com
  15. Are ender chests available ATM? How do you make them? What is this madness? Lol wut's going on
  16. They are not available until the next update, which will come out in a week or two
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  17. But, works in the wild :):):):):)
  18. And they're also not going to cost rupees for each use! Too bad you can only have one network of chests per person though; would have made restocking my shop so much easier :p
  19. Enderchests are pointless. They're like free vault in the wild, which we all know is the worst idea ever. And even if they weren't player-specific, then they'd cause way too many feuds anyway.
    My vote (we're not really voting, are we?) is for them not to be implemented into EMC.
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  20. I wouldn't assume they work over multi-world until we know it does. I personally like the idea of have a chest that's shared between my (12 accessible including krysyy's) lots.