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  1. sorry if this is the wrong post to post this one but i have a question about the ender farm in frontier nether. I Just started using this farm today and alot of people have been telling me to share sides which I do but then they break their owns rules and come across my side then they say they will report me if i go across to their side by accident ? can this be done ?
  2. i was one who asked you to share sides....and i believe i never went onto your side but you came onto mine several times and claimed that you were only doing it to kill the enderman to prevent lag....so idk about anyone else but come on people...lets share the public farms...they are there so everyone can get some experience...just use common sense about sharing
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  3. I did tell you that I lagged and my w key does not work most the time so i use vv and you also said you were going to report me for being annoying because of that ? in another question does anyone knovv hovv to make an exp farm ? I vvant to try avoiding future conflicts like this
  4. im not gonna argue here...i didn't say i was gonna report you for using vv...i just said it was slightly annoying....i said i was gonna report you for being so rude and lying to me...thats all I'm saying...im done
  5. Not sure how I was rude and also i crossed your side when you completly dissappeared without saying you'll be back and to not touch your side once and the enhancment table was on yourside and I even told you I vvas going to be crossing there to enhance my items but you got mad ? But yeah if anyone has a youtube video or any idea hovv to make your ovvn exp farm I vvill gladly apreciate it :D!
  6. In the 5 years Minecraft has been around, there's been thousands of these uploaded to Youtube. It's not that hard to find them. Just search 'Minecraft XP farm tutorial' or something along those lines.
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  7. Sorry I am nevv to minecraft so i do not knovv much yet I started 10days ago as a vvhole as vvell as the server
  8. A better question vvould be is there a specific mob that drops more stuff ?
  9. Actually you crossed over to my side multiple sides when you told me to do this.
  10. really..im sorry if i did!!!
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  11. It is cool, it didn't really bother me I just wanted to point that out.
  12. i just wanted to let everyone know that me and highlancer put a block that represents cutting the enderman grinder into 2 equal sides...please leave this there so that everyone that wants to share between 2 people can!! Thanks
  13. Enraged mobs (a feature custom to EMC) drop loot more valuable than a normal mob, but currently there isn't a mob that drops more stuff I don't think.
  14. First of all, the Frontier nether does not have endermen. It does have zombie pigmen that drop gold. Enderman farms are most commonly found in The End. I'm guessing you meant in The End?

    There is no particular rules about sharing a public facility. :) Other than, the owner/builder of the area can ask you to leave if they want to use it (as is there prerogative). Other than that, the rules are clear on use of language, behavior. EMC is a mature server of friendly mature people (most of the time lol), and we appreciate everyone making the effort to get along. If you are having problems with a person at a public farm, just leave and return later, or find another farm to use (there are literally dozens of ender farms on the 10 EMC servers. (I've built 4 of them). If the problem persists, you can contact a staff member to help you resolve it.

    There are many simple designs for an enderman farm, here's a link to a simple easy one I recommend:
    .... ok, i couldn't find the design I wanted... but here's Panada's older effective design Tripwire Enderman Farm

    Different mobs drop different items, and there are youtube vid's on how to build 'farms' for all of them. The most productive and most common mob farms are 'spawner' farms. Where you find a mob spawner in the wild, and build a farm around it. Most useful being Skeleton, and Spider spawners.
    Enderman farms are arguably the best XP farm, giving the most XP gain in shortest time.
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  15. It is one of the easier exp farms out there to build and use, but there are 2 more farms that I know of that give way more, 1 being a ender dragon exp farm (it does seem impossible but someone has done it) and the other being the wither wiper which is a wither skele farm that also spawns all the other nether mobs and is highly efficient.
    This comment may be off topic but I just wanted to say that there are
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  16. I can build Xp farms. They aren't very hard, mine is worth every penny