Ender Death Battle 2/11/2013

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  1. We will be holding another infamous Ender Death Battle tonight.

    If you're new here, Death Battles are more for fun than it is for gain...though gain IS possible. We pick a place, in this case a secluded island in the END on SMP6. You come to this island and we spawn endless waves of mobs. Our goal is to kill you with these mobs. IF you should get some drops and make it to the exit portal, they are yours to keep. However, we will try and let this not happen.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    • Don't bring anything you're NOT WILLING TO LOSE! Chances are you will lose things you bring to death.

    • DO bring things to protect yourself from explosions, fire, and any mob you can imagine. You'll likely see them at some point.

    • When we're getting near the end...we will be spawning Wither Tornadoes (You have to see it to understand why.) When we do this, we WILL temporarily turn off drops in the end as we can't let hundreds of wither stars just freely go into the economy in one day. :p
    You can get to the battle zone through our temporary special teleporter at SMP6's town spawn building. We will start in about 10 minutes.
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  2. Will be there!
  3. Killing Spree! Lololl this event should be called ICC 's Killing Spree. Or wrath of the ICC .
  4. third?
    meh. fourth
  5. Dangit i gotta study
  6. Oh NOW we want to make sure wither stars don't end up in the economy >.>

    So what do you call the nether one? People made off with dozens.
  7. Yeah that dropped their price coz of that
  8. By the way...bring a pumpkin for your head.
  9. HIDING lol its fun
  10. I got trapped by 3 withers, I was out of the bottom of the world about 10 seconds after that
  11. i should have just stayed in the bedrock place D:
  12. Wait! You died finally?!
  13. We call it a learning experience. :)
  14. the bit we learn from this is that mobs have still failed to kill him, how ever, he sucks at wither spleef...
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  15. NOOOO I miss out on all teh fun! stupid school :/
  16. do another one at 4:00 pm est (when i get back from school lol)
  17. can you pleas give come kinda notice b4 events like this lots of events are going on lately but we never know till 10 mins b4 there on
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