Ender Chest Backpack

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  1. Ender chest that can be picked up with your hand, as well as being soul bound so you can die after walking 32600 blocks an still keep your chest :D
  2. Would be nice but you can just get a silk touch pickaxe and pickup your enderchest that way. Can't make the wild too easy now. I like to think of maybe Chest backpacks that have unique ID's and each 1 stores the data of the items you have put inside it. Though the GUI would have to be edited completely and having much less storage capacity than an actual single chest. I'd say 4-6 extra slots per chest?
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  3. Sooo.. kinda like the labor bench but then an enderchest version?
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  4. Would you place it and pick it back up with your hand, or would it work like the labor bench where you open it by clicking?
  5. The labor bench way would be nice but If you're playing as a group a breakable one would be better.
  6. I always carry an ender chest/silk touch pick so having something like this would be really useful :3
  7. I think thats a great idea!!!
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  8. Protip: Rename an enderchest in an anvil and you don't need silktouch to pick it up.
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  9. Definitely doing this when I return to EMC ^_^