End the track based madness!!!!

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  1. Ill make this short. People use WAY too many powered rails. You move the EXACT same speed with a powered rail every other block as you do with a powered rail every 32nd block. After looking around, the OPTIMAL ratio of powered to normal rails is 1 powered rail and then 37 normal rails. You will move 0.4% slower. That is unnoticeable.
    You can get away with these next few patterns as well, with more slowdown.

    1 rail every 42 meters: 6.4% slowdown
    1 rail every 48 meters: 16% slowdown
    1 rail every 60 meters: 28% slowdown
    IMPORTANT NOTE: 1 meter is 1 block.

    END THE MADNESS!!!! Stop overusing powered rails and torches.
    IMPORTANT EDIT- This WILL work with chest minecarts. They will go alone, with a reduction of a few extra percent, or with a player behind them at full. The player WILL NOT be pushed back by the chest minecart. However, when you reach the end of the track you could be, so a minecart unloader is recommended.
    ANOTHER IMPORTANT EDIT- This does work on all corners, EXCEPT for
    immediate u-turns (the turning tracks are DIRECTLY next to eachother.) However, u-turns are fine if a block is between the turning tracks.
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  2. This is true if you only use minecarts with players (or I think mobs) in them. If you want to use chest minecarts, though, you need to use way more powered rails.
  3. I transport using chest carts; It covers a distance of about 8k. I would definitely notice a difference. :p
    Besides, with powered rails we are putting gold to good use.
  4. Did you take into account the fact that players in carts make the carts speed up?
  5. When you are at maximum speed, holding down w doesn't make you go any faster. Also, in case you mean that they go faster, yes, these stats are for when a player is in the cart. I'm not sure about chest minecarts, but if a player rides in a minecart behind it and pushes it I think that it will put you at full speed with no penalties....
  6. There are penalties. If a chest minecart can't make it to the next powered rail, the player might bump into the cart and be sent backwards (which from experience is not fun). With carts, for optimal performance, powered rails should be placed about every 9 meters or so.
  7. Woah woah, don't go making assumptions. I am going to test this and put it into the OP.
  8. I tested this in sp and on emc, and had a friend double check me in both sp and on emc. Plus I have a rail built and it works well. I don't think I'm assuming here. ;)
  9. Well I just tested, and you do NOT get pushed back. Although alone the minecart will move more slowly by a few percents, if you ride in a minecart behind it you form a train and move along fine.
  10. Have you tried turning a corner?
  11. Hmm, didn't consider that. Testing now.
  12. This is also using the assumption of flat terrain?
    Just like my car though, the more power, the happier I am!
  13. Thoroughly tested with minecarts and chest minecarts, check the OP for details.
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  14. This is the assumption of flat terrain, however most people don't realize you can climb a 12 block slope on 1 powered rail. I recommend putting a powered rail directly before and after the slope, though, in case too much velocity is depleted. If it's a 1 or 2 block slope, though, or goes downhill and back uphill, then no additional powered rails are needed.
  15. I have actually come up with different evidence. I set up two rails with a line of repeaters in between set to two ticks. One rail had a starting powered rail and 40 regular rails. The other had powered rails every 9 blocks. A button was set so that the repeater timer and the cart would start at the same time. a person (me) would be in the cart each time. Tested 10 times each.
    Controlled conditions: peaceful mode, flat terrain

    Results: 40 m regular: timer beat me to the end
    powered every 9: I beat the timer by a fair margin each time.

    Conclusion: player-carts lose velocity after 8 blocks on regular rail.
    Edit: further conclusion: powered rails ADD to the initial speed carts were going before they reached the powered rail. There is a speed cap.

    Double Edit: tested with empty chest minecarts, same results.

    Triple Edit: doubled track length. New result: rail every 42 is ~22% slower than powered every 9th
  16. Well that is a horrible test. You should test with 1 block between, then 2, and so on.

    Also, I know you are BSing me, because unless you are playing in beta or something, then you are incorrect.
    Here is why:
    Powered rails accelerate players to a MAXIMUM of 8 bps. Your timer moved at 5 bps. Because minecarts do not decelerate in 9 blocks, they stay at 8 BPM. So yes, the one cart beats the timer. However, the other cart also should. Your average speed when you are accelerated by 1 powered rail every 40th block is 7.72. So you cannot lose to a 5 bpm timer.

    Also, I just started building the testing track to do the same test myself and I realized your problem. When I say you have 1 powered every 38th, you still need a starting booster. To get your minecart to the maximum speed from a complete stop, you need 3 powered rails at the start. THEN you can have your powered and then 37 standard rails.

    Redo the test, but add 3 powered rails to the beginning of both tracks and 3 more repeaters.
  17. Redid: results: 7.2% difference over 84 meters. Both beat the timer.
    Can you not respond with a spammy/aggressive tone? We are merely in a test experiment, be professional.
    Please tell me if you would like me to double the track length again, it might be more accurate then even what I had.

    Edit: double track length: New results: surprisingly I got a 9.4% (rounded down) difference where the difference was 16 blocks apart at the end exactly over a span of 172 meters
  18. Dude. You come to the most BS conclusions I have every seen.
    Let me explain to you my tests. These were based off of the ones on the wiki, but I wanted to make sure they were true so I did them myself.
    I had 2000 meters of track. And a timer. I timed how long it took for each cart to travel the distance with certain intervals, and the speeds were the blocks divided by the time.
    My tests are therefore much more precise.

  19. Might wanna calm down a bit. Your attitude suggests that I shouldn't trust your claims.
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  20. The reason I am aggressive is because you put me on the defensive. You came on and immediately began denying that any of my testing had any proof, and your first several posts were simply trying to find reasons that my solution to overusing track wasn't viable. You then did tests that were accidentally false and tried to prove that what I had said was a bunch of numbers I pulled out of my head.

    Fine, we can be professional.
    Read this page thoroughly, it has a few other things.
    Their test for timing was the same one I did.