End portal trip to the wild!

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  1. Hello all!!
    whoever want to go to the wild to find the end portal please reply to this thread,
    and pm me so I can tell my friends that your are coming.
    You all have to gather the materials before setting out to the wild.
    I reccommend to bring lots of food on the journey as we all will be running.
  2. What server?
  3. I would do a different server if I were you; tons of people are at the LLO and wouldn't be able to come.
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  4. I know where the smp3 portal is... B) Find it your selfs though.
  5. I know where smp5 is…pay me for location cords with a reasonable reason.
  6. ik smp2's
  7. No! Please dont give out smp5's:)
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  8. I can give out SMP6 for 1k
  9. Since when did this guy ask to buy End Portal coords? Anyway, by now I'm guessing most of the End worlds are destroyed. But the trip would be the fun part most of all.
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  10. Just saying…
  11. What about for the people who are in the End? And it got deleted? DID THEY LIVE????
  12. Yeah, if they log on and there are no blocks under they're feet. That would suck. But who would log out while in the end?
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