End of the Month Riddles 1.1

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How hard was this riddle?

Easy 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Okay 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Hard 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Hey EMC! Starting today I am going start asking riddles near the end of the month! If no one gets the anwser by 3-4 days, I will give hints! There's no prize, but its a way to test your brain!

    Riddle 1: What kind of clock doesn't have hands and doesn't tick, tock or beep?

    BTW: Each riddle going forwards will get harder, Good luck!
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  2. Hmm it could be a sun dial :)
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  3. If you count pendulum as clocks, then pendulum is the answer!
  4. To Clarify: A clock that also doesn't swing. Sorry I didn't include this.
  5. You just googled the question lol, which brings up a pendulum clock. But pendulum clocks still have hands :p
  6. Nope its not a sun dial.....
  7. Any other kind of astronomical clock? xD
    Sun dial fits the description perfectly btw, might want to edit the op to make it more specific :)
  8. If my cat isn't acceptable, how about my Biological Clock?
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  9. A digital clock.
  10. A silent digital watch? I got one that has the option of whether or not the owner/user wants it beeping.
  11. Wow I thought this was easy, but I'll give a hint.

    HINT: Sometimes used in board games
  12. An hourglass? Because there's that other time used in games where you wind it up, but it doesn't have a ring, tick, or beep. Just a sort of crash sound.
  13. A clock that you can't adjust either. Next time I make a riddle I will be more clear. :)
  14. We have a winner! Hourglass is the right anwser!
  15. a waterclock would also work in this case
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