End broken?

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  1. Hi,
    I just went to the end and somehow spawned where there were no blocks anywhere... and then fell out of the world. I lost a lot of stuff... Also, when I went through the portal, I spawned in a nether portal?
    instead of wilderness spawn, where I usually come out. I'm wondering if something is broken? Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I just tried it again, exact same thing happened. It seems to spawn you below the End island?
  3. That shouldn't happen... Because the End TP Spot is fixed unless some idiot removed the obsidian spawn base.
  4. But it doesn't spawn you on the platform, it spawns you UNDER the middle of the island. I can show you if you want to come on smp9.
  5. Im busy on SMP9 but I can get my friend to go and show me on skype
  6. Do i HAVE to go?
  7. xD you dont have to go, i can take a video or something... can you post those up here?
  8. Ill try it when I get home...
  9. If it is on youtube :)
  10. Ok here it is: http://youtu.be/J_puxg9lh1I
    EDIT: It's still being uploaded, wait a few minutes:p
    Scratch that, its gonna be a while sorry guys
  11. When did I say you have to go?
  12. I've had similar problems. Apparently some of the code EMC gets from other developers was broken. I talked to Aikar: he guy who made the broken code has fixed it, and EMC is just waiting for him to send it along to us for an update. Until then, best of luck... I got stuck in the end myself. oh well.

    EDIT: I think this is why Justin and Aikar prefer to do all of their own coding...
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  13. More specifically this is broken for ALL craftbukkit users.

    However with the way CB team works... expect other server owners to be broken for a few days :p
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  14. Okay thanks!
  15. So any way to get my stuff back? :p
  16. Aikar can't do anything (I think)... it's empire policy not to reimburse for lost items. I, on the other hand, have some money and no problem with it. What'd you lose?
  17. She lost 27 stacks of diamond blocks 7 stacks of beacons, Leather armour and a wodden pick.
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  18. *Note: reimbursements will be done at JabrZer0's discretion and will consist of no more than 5,000 (Five Thousand) rupees, or the equivalent in material goods or services.

    Yes, I speak legalese.
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  19. Where is 72volt.
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  20. Annyyway... I just went and spawned under the island. :p
    I had nothing better to do and went to derp..:)
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