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  1. SMP2, v 3456

    I have expanded my enchantment shop to include swords of (almost) all types. Only double chants can be sold.

    I also sell picks and spades.

    I am making this thread not to sell enchanted items, but to buy them. many if not all chanted items I sell I buy for 100r less.

    So, for any grinders out there that want an easy sell, consider my shop if the price suits you.

    That is all, thank you!

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  2. <My profile pictures says it all, i have already sold some picks to you thought out this week:cool:
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  3. leo what mob grinder do u use?
  4. Its not the best pick ever, but its a diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking 3 and EFF 3.
  5. I buy those!
  6. a 5x grinder. 1 zombie, 1 skel, 3 spider
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  7. It seems i'm in the wild on SMP2... Can you come to SMP3 to buy it?
  8. Also, would you maybe want to buy a bow when I got one?
  9. dont dabble in bows yet
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  10. As it seems you got banned for 24 hours for having 2000 mobs in a grinder, could you still price a pick for me? Its a diamond pick with fortune 2.
  11. I dont by those atm.
  12. Call me crazy, but i can't find your enchanted tools shop, Leowaste.

    EDIT: Nvm, found it.
  13. But can you price it?
  14. Justa fort II can be a lvl 10 enchant really. So 500r ish
  15. Do you sell Looting 3 swords? Also, cant find the enchanteds department.
  16. I am unable to sell you 2 sharpness IV diamond swords for some reason.
  17. When i can i will check it out
  18. I have another pick

    Unbreaking 3, EFF 2.