Enchantment Services

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  1. Enchment services for all your enchantment needs :)

    Server is smp3 Res# 6908

    *I will enchant all items*

    Fill out like this



    Limit 1 item per person at a time

    *I'm Willing to Negotiate*

    *Warning i Wil stop taking orders after 20 orders so order fast*
  2. most people are only willing to buy certain enchantment's not just chancing that they will get the enchantment they want it would be better to just sell whatever enchanted items you get instead of this.
  3. ok what enchantment do you want i will try to do my best to get it
  4. and i know but getting one enchantment is time consuming and after your left with a lot of junk picks
  5. so its up to them to take that chance
  6. but if you want i will try to get a specific enchantment
  7. i actually grind for my own picks just thought i would pass along some tips
  8. Im now taking orders for all items not just pickaxes
  9. Do you do this for free, if so, I would like you to enchant a sword for me :)

    Item: Sword

    Enchantment: Looting III Fire Aspect II Sharpness V

    Will you tell me how much it costs before you confirm this order if i need to pay?
  10. um i have never seen that enchantment before all though i know its possible let me do a little research then i will get back to you :)
  11. Oh yeah its a lot, I didnt check first, I jsut want looting and fire aspect
  12. ok if you want all three 15k would be the price but if you want looting and fire aspect that will be 9k
  13. and you dont need to pay untill i get the sword :)
  14. well im not good with enchantment prices :p so i think that's a reasonable price
  15. Well, Thanks but no thanks, I don't have 9k to spend.
  16. ok nvm 5 k is what im asking
  17. asked around and that's generally what i got so 5k is the asking price but if you want i will negotiate
  18. you got a silk touch pick with fortain?
  19. I guess you ment fortune. And it's not possible to get silktouch and fortune together, unless you hack the enchantments on the pick :D