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  1. Is it possible to enchant an item more than once because i cant seem to be able to?
  2. Partly.

    You can only enchant an item once. However, you can add more enchantments by using an anvil. There are 2 options: using an enchanted book or by using another enchanted item (for example: Pick 1 has Silk Touch (and is damaged), Pick 2 has Unbreaking III. If you combine those using an anvil you'll get a more repaired pick which has both enchantments).
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  3. i tried enchanting using an anvil it wont work either.
  4. You need an enchanted book with the enchantment you want to add, and an item. Say I have a Fire Protection IV Unbreaking III pair of boots, and a Depth Strider III book. I can combine them in an anvil to get a pair of boots with Fire Protection IV Unbreaking III Depth Strider III on them, like so:


    Just remember that the armor/weapon/tool that you want to combine needs to go first; the book needs to go last.
  5. I noticed that you don't have a residence at the moment, so I can't help wonder: are you sure you used an anvil which you had access to? By default the usage of an anvil is covered (protected) by the 'anvil' flag. So you can't just use any anvil out there, unless you have permissions.

    Just to make sure, how to reclaim a residence:
    • On a server you like (smp#) use: /v open
    • After you're transported to an available residence use: /claim
    After that you'll have your own 60 x 60 residence back where you'll definitely be able to place & use an anvil.
    Hope this can help.
  6. my residence is in smp3