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  1. So just wondering what other people may do when it comes to enchanting books,

    i tried a few myself this morning , 1st time enchanting on a book. Im more of a enchant the item type myself. i found myself spending 30 levels on the 6 books i had tried on only to get the worst things ever

    so down to my question is better to spend less levels on enchanting books then waiting till 30 to enchant or, is this just the risk of enchanting books
  2. A couple of things I like about them is that when I use them, I can guarantee the enchantment I want on the item I want it on. You don't get the waste enchantments that aren't all that great but you can't take back. I was using a Silk Touch axe on Mycelium the other day. You can avoid that with books.

    I haven't tried it yet, but you can also apply them to items that noramally wouldn't take on that enchantment, like Unb on armor or Silk Touch on shears.

    Drawbacks are that with enchanting an item like a pick, I know I'll at least get a tool enchantment. With books, I can get a Tool, Armor, Sword, or a Bow enchantment so you have a higher chance of not getting what you want. You can't vault them(yet) and the set up for selling them is weird.

    I've developed kind of a love/hate opinion of them. If you want something specific and don't want to enchant a bunch of items trying to get it, it's the way to go.
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  3. yes but which is best lvl to enchant a book at to avoid wasting 30 lvl on when i might not need to

    between 6 books this morning enchanted at 30 i got

    fort 2,1
    unbreak 1,2
    eff 1
    prot 1

    in my eyes that was a complete waste over random enchants

    so wondering if it more eff to enchant the books at a lower lvl
  4. i mean was this just extreamly bad luck on my part ?

    i was hoping i would see more higher end enchants with enchanting at 30 like eff3-4
    unbreak3 stuff like this, even with test on a small amount
  5. Was each book at level thirty? I believe it well worth it as I got silk touch on one at lvl 30.
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  6. There are simulators and charts out there as well as breakdowns of the code.

    Check out the graph here: http://0xcafebabe.com/2012/05/minecraft-1-3-probabilities/

    For Diamond, Fortune II has its probability maximum between 25 and 26 levels then goes down in either direction, but it's still quite likely to get at 30 levels. In fact, between 29 and 30, Fortune III and II cross so it's just as likely at that point to get either one.

    I don't see how you could have gotten the Level I enchants at 30, unless something's broken. The rest of the enchants are just bad luck.
  7. yes they were all at 30

    and thanks pab ill try at a larger scale, doing this short term to form some armor for myself
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