Enchanted Items Losing Value

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  1. I just had a though, what with level 30 being the new highest enchant level, and hitting 30 being extremely easy, do you agree than the market for enchanted items will drop, considering it would be easier for someone to get it themselves? Of course, lazy people will always be lazy, but it's just a though.
  2. Yes, it will drop, so it is easier to get something like fortune III.
  3. It's not just a bit easier, it's much much easier. Instead of it taking an hour to get XP50 from a typical grinder, it'll take 5 minutes to get to the new max level of 30. And, people can get XP just by smelting a load of cobble or sand. Or possibly just by trading a few handfuls of wheat for some "Bottle o'enchanting".

    Silk touch picks, 4 for 32 rupees, anyone? O_O
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  4. I want :p:D

    But Yeah, save your XP to Empire 1.3, for better Enchants :)
  5. Well they lowered the amount of XP you get from furnaces. It's still quite enough however.
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  6. I saw a video when someone was level 30 in like less than 5 minutes
  7. Package deals, Package deals, Package deals........will become the norm in the auction. Which I'm fine with me ;) but i can see Diamonds going up in price like to 45r-55r again like few months ago because the Lowering of Exp cap to lvl 30 will get fellow members buying more diamonds and etc. :D
  8. I'm not so sure - because, if people can get unbreaking-fortune-3 for just a few rupees - or, by just making some glass/stone for furnace XP - or by trading a handful of wheat for a bottle enchanting... they'll be getting a lot more diamonds. And, they can put 'em in an ender-chest to get them home safely.
    It's hard to predict all the affects, of course; but I think some of them could be massive, and really upset the economy that we have.
  9. yea true your right but we won't know until the happens it maybe like what happen when they discovered al capone vault or it might like King Tut's Tomb :D
  10. That's assuming you can get good enchants. I just wasted 50 levels on a friggin Eff. IV -___________-
  11. Well yeah; there's always that element. I know the feeling well.
    But if you can rack-up to max XP in under 5 minutes... you won't really mind if it takes a few attempts.
  12. i
    i thought u only get xp from smelting ores
  13. I hate when that happens My lucky number is 46 but i always enchant between the lvls of 46-49 most the the time i get double enchantments and every 7or8 picks get a triple enchantment pick
  14. Under the current system, there is a 12.7% chance of Silk Touch at XP50, and it takes 4625 experience points to get there.

    Under 1.3, there is a 16.1% chance at XP30, and it takes 885 experience points.

    Normal mobs give 5xp, blaze give 10. So put into context, that means:

    1.2.5 - kill about 900 zombies. That's maybe 1 hour in "typical" zomb grinder. Each time you do that, you've got about a 12% chance of silk-touch. So on average, it might take 10 hours "grinding" to get silk-touch.

    1.3 - kill about 200 zombies, around 5 miutes - each time you do, a 16% chance of silk. On average, maybe half an hour.

    -> 1.2.5 typically 10 hours for silk-touch; 1.3, typically 30 minutes.

    Big big difference.

    A silk-touch might currently cost 10,000 rupees.

    Next week, it might cost 500.
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  15. Based on what you said there I have two conclusions; first that those people that sell the silk touch must have no lives if they're grinding all of the time ( no offense meant, just an observation ); secondly, I guess I'm saving my rupees for next week!