Enchanted Books -weapon/tools edition

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Is it better to sell enchanted books or enchanted items?

Poll closed Oct 25, 2013.
Books 6 vote(s) 60.0%
Items 4 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. List is as follows:

    3 unbreaking III books
    3 Power V books

    3 Sharpness V books
    3 knockback II books


    3 efficiency V books

    Bid starts at 5k, please increase bids by no less than 100r.

    Auction ends 11:59pm 10/25/2013

    Pickup: 10975 on SMP5 will set up access chest after payment received.

    Please pay no more than 24 hours after winning auction.

    **please note i normally play EST in the evening/night due to my son, i try to play after he goes to bed. if i am delayed in setting up access chest i will PM winner directly.**

    Thank you and happy bidding :D
    2013-10-22_21.56.05.png 2013-10-22_21.56.04.png 2013-10-22_21.56.03.png 2013-10-22_21.56.01.png 2013-10-22_21.45.45.png
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  2. :confused: that went up fast!

    Bump :D
  3. Marine4121 in the lead with 11k :D
  4. 11.5k
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  5. Good night bump
    Dreacon78 leading with 11.5k
  6. I'm not going any more higher.
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  7. 15.2k
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  8. dreacon in the lead 15.2k

  9. Just a few hours left...

    Deacon in lead with 15.2k :D
  10. Dreacon****
  11. Congratulations dreacon :) I can set up access chest tomorrow I am currently away from my computer I will pm you :)
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