Enchant Undone

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  1. My thought is about an enchant we didn't expect, nor want, on the item we were enchanting. I think it would be fun to make a rare "UnEnchant" or Trade "Enchant" item, voucher whatever you wanna call it but it will ONLY eliminate 1 enchant and will offer 2 others and be hard to find again. Example,

    Unbreaking 3 shows up, I take it but, I get Bane of Arthropods 4 when I really want Sharpness 4 or so to be added. Using this and I name it "Unchant 1" Would allow us players to use this "paper" to select a different choice, those would be determined by cycles

    In this rare item I can choose to use it at my own risk, free of exp points, to choose from 2 others not 3 like the book allows. They would be random but relevant to the enchant I chose to switch.

    Where can this go?

    Just a thought,
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  2. It may be cool to "dechant" an item, maybe input an enchanted item, pay a certain number of tokens, and get the item back, without the enchantments, same durability, and refresh the enchtable menu.
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  3. I think the real question is where did this come from?

    If you didn't like the enchantment then make another item! Why would you use a voucher or something like that, which would supposedly be expensive, to remove enchantments when it'd be cheaper to buy the item already enchanted in the first place? -1
  4. I think this is a fun idea. A bit comparable to the eggify feature which we have, but instead of getting the egg back you'll get your item back.

    But unfortunately I can't help wonder if this would actually be feasible. Thing is: in 1.8 your enchants are determined the very moment you place an item on the enchantment table. Unlike 1.7 where you could toggle and try again 1.8 has everything fixed. So the moment you removed your enchant it wouldn't fully help you because the very moment you try to enchant it again you'd get the same thingie back.

    Of course unless there is a way around that and this could be reset again.

    But I have to agree with Biros up there when wondering who'd use this, but for a different reason. Because if you need to be sure about a certain enchantment then you can always use books.

    So... Yah.. I like the idea, but I'm not too sure if this would be doable.