Enabling player created subzones using signs

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BreezyMan, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. My question is in regard to the "EMC-105 Enable player created sub-zones using signs" feature pending deployment.

    Will the sign start and end placement only create a sub-zone for the x,z plane or will you be able to create a sub-zone in the x,y,z plane?


    Start Sign placed at <0,0,0> End Sign placed at , <10,10,10> then
    Start Sign placed at <0,11,0> End Sign placed at <10,20,10>

    What is the difference?
    Creating sub-zones on just the x,z plane will only offer a flat sub-zone sections to be able to be created. With using the x,y,z planes you would be able to create multi-story buildings (for example) with zoned off areas within the building.

    Thank you for your attention in advance.
  2. It does include the y plane as well. Remember that a lot of the things on track are in development, which means that they may be tweaked overall if it is decided to be better another way. For example: the final product might not use signs exactly as is written, but might have the same ideal with commands, etc.

    (Not saying in this specific case that is true, but just a heads up when looking at Track)
  3. Thank you krysyy for the response and the heads up on that. I'll keep that in mind when looking at track in the future also. No matter how it is implemented I'm glad that the y plane will be included in the release of sub-zones. I already have build plans for this once it is released and I know the specifics on the implementation method. Thanks again. :)